Microsoft Office Applications III


Prerequisite: OFTD-1220 or permission of instructor


  1. Cortez Peters Championship Typing Drills, 4th. Ed.
  2. Excel 2013, Benchmark Series,  Paradigm Publishing Co.
    Unit 1 and 2
  3. Access 2013, Benchmark Series, Paradigm Publishing Co
    Unit 1
  4. PowerPoint 2013, Benchmark Series,  Paradigm Publishing Co.
    Unit 2



Black pen and pencil

2 Flash (USB) drives for Office applications and Peter’s text


Student will be able to:

  • Use the computer keyboard with accuracy and speed
  • Demonstrate proficiently in the use of Microsoft Excel
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of Microsoft Access
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of Microsoft Power Point
  • Format documents so that they have a professional appearance
  • Perform critical thinking via course projects



Attendance is vital.  If student is absent, the assignment for that day cannot be made up.  Three (3) absences will be allowed for the semester; one for each day the class meets plus the mandatory lab hour (two absences for evening classes as the lab is combined with the class). For every absence over three (or 2 for evenings), two (2) points will be deducted for each absence from the final average. The only exception will be those with extenuating circumstances.

If a student is absent, the student should call and leave a message with the lab assistant at 401-825-2172, (Warwick), 333-7378 (Lincoln), or 455-6124 (Providence).


1.         Class starts on the hour.

2.        There will be no re-writes on production work.  Production assignments are to be handed in on schedule.

A standard “mailable copy” is required.  This means perfect work or corrections to a standard accepted by an employer.  Work which could be signed and mailed is acceptable.


Students should be prepared for tests at any given time.  THE INSTRUCTOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ANNOUNCE TESTS IN ADVANCE.  No makeups will be allowed on tests missed due to absence.  Absences on test days will give the student a grade of zero for the test that was missed.


In addition to the three hours per week the class meets, one hour per week in the Office Skills Lab is required.  During the lab period, the first 15-20 minutes must be spent on speed and accuracy building via Cortez Peters Drills and Tapes.  The remainder of the period will be spent on the 5-minute timings required to pass Microsoft Office Applications III.


1.         Timings — 25%                                     3.  Daily Assignments — 25%

2.         Tests — 25%                                        4.  Cortez Peters Drills — 25%


The grading scale for timings for Microsoft Office Applications III is as follows:

NWPM             GRADE

35                                50

36                                52

37                                54

38                                56

39                                58

40                                60

41                                62

42                                64

43                                66

44                                68

45                                70

46                                72

47                                74

48                                76

49                                78

50                                80

51                                82

52                                84

53                                86

54                                88

55                                90

56                                92

57                                94

58                                96

59                                98

60                                100

Two words for each error will be deducted from the total words per minute typed.  The timing grade will be based on a student’s three highest 5-minute timing with five or fewer errors.

Three 5-minute timed writings with five errors or less are required to receive credit for the course.  Students who are passing the other three components, but do not have any timed writings at 35 wpm or better will receive a grade of I and will have one semester to meet this requirement of the course.  Students who are failing when the average of the other three components is figured will receive a grade of ‘F’ and must repeat the course.

If a student is having difficulty in meeting the 35 words per minute, the student should spend as much time as necessary in the Skills Lab.