Introduction to Computer Ethics – COMI 2036

This course explores the ethical impact of computer technology on the world, as well  as the rules and regulations that ensure the proper use of technology. Internet crime, privacy protection and first amendment rights that protect our freedoms in cyberspace are closely examined.


Programming in Fourth Generation Languages – COMI 1260

This course covers the fundamentals of SQL and relational databases, using MySQL as a teaching tool.  This course is designed for new or existing users of MySQL who have little or no previous experience with a relational database management system.


Database Design and Management – COMP 1200

This course is an introduction to database theory and database design.  Emphasis on database terminology and the roots of database theory will prepare students to utilize data modeling techniques including Entity Relationship Design and Normalization to create a database environment.  Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to illustrate techniques for maintaining and working with a database.  Finally, the concept of Concurrency Control will be introduced to discuss the management of a database in a distributed/multi-user environment.


Introduction to Spreadsheets – COMI 1420

The purpose of this module is to introduce the operational procedures for a spreadsheet software package. Students construct and manipulate data files to produce clear and concise reports.


Introduction to Microsoft Project – COMI 2015

This module introduces students to project management software, an essential tool used by most information technology environments. Upon completion of this course, students are able to create and analyze projects using Microsoft Project Manager.


Introduction to Computers – COMI 1100

This computer literacy course provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of computers and information processing. Students are introduced to the operation and terminology of computer systems as well as certain selected application software packages such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.