Oct 05 2011

Protected: Shortcut for creating a new faculty web

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Aug 06 2011

Protected: Creating a new faculty web

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Jul 28 2011

Faculty Webs moving to WordPress

WordPress LogoMigrating to WordPress

All faculty websites created after June 1, 2011 will use a WordPress back-end. Your site will initially be set-up with one of the Screen shot of faculty site home pagedefault CCRI faculty Web themes (see one example on right), but a variety of other themes will be available for you to apply to your site.

For faculty with existing Web sites

If you currently have a site on http://faculty.ccri.edu and would like to migrate your site to the new WordPress faculty Web, please e-mail webservices@ccri.edu with the subject line, “Requesting migration to WordPress faculty web.

For faculty who do not have a Web site

If you do not currently have a faculty Web site and would like to initiate one, please fill-out and submit this form and a basic site will be prepared for you.

See a listing of faculty who are using WordPress» (WordPress sites have a “New” next to them).

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Jun 21 2011

Uploading and linking to Documents in your WordPress Faculty site

Upload new mediaThis tutorial will explain how one uploads and links to PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents from within your WordPress site.

I used an existing faculty Web site for this tutorial. The specific goal here is to transfer a large number of PDF and Word files from a live “FrontPage” (a site edited & published using FrontPage, SharePoint Designer or Expression Web) faculty web site to a WordPress faculty Web site.

Part I involves downloading (from your present site ) a copy of the files you plan to upload to your new WordPress site. Part II covers uploading the files to your WordPress site and linking to them. [Learn more]

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Jun 21 2011

Compress Files with FileMinimizer

File Minimizer

The new WordPress faculty Web has an 8 MB file size limitation on uploads (there is also a per site limit of 500 MB). So, what do you when your file(s) exceed those maximum size limits?

Tools like FILEminimizer Suite will quickly compresses your large files into smaller files (without sacrificing quality) so that you can easily upload to your new WordPress Web site.

FILEminimizer Suite compresses PowerPoint, Word, Excel and image files by up to 98% without zipping. The software sports an intuitive interface and lets you optimize the size of your Office files (97-2010) as well as your JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, EMF and PNG image files without changing the native file format or quality. It integrates into Microsoft Office and into your email program (supports Microsoft Outlook) and can optimize your office and image attachments directly before sending. You can easily bypass email size limitations and won’t clog up your recipient’s inbox.  [Learn more]

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