Intro to Computers COMI 1100-101

COMI 1100-101

Monday/Wednesday4:00 PM – 5:50 PM
Room 2114 Knight Campus


Instructor: Mike McNally
Phone: 825-2412
Office: Room 2120 Knight Campus
(Office hours may
vary, please e-mail me to make an appointment.)
Textbooks: Visualizing Technology Fifth Edition, Debra Geoghan; Pearson, 2016 Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2016 Volume 1 by
Kris Townsend; Pearson, 2016
MyITLAB Section ID mcnally90849



VT = Visualizing Technology
Class VT Chap Visualizing Technology Topics Office 2016 Lab
Homework & Assignments
(End of Chapter Questions, Computer Concepts Section in MYITLAB)
9/6 Course Syllabus MYCCRI, email, MYITLAB VT -Read chapter 1
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
9/11 ***Our Class Will Not Be Meeting This Day***
9/13 Chap 1 What is a Computer Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2016. Skills Book VT -Read chapter 2
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
9/18  Creating Letters and Memos Word, Chapter 1
9/20 Chap 2 Application Software VT -Read chapter 3
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
9/25 Create Business Reports Word,
Chapter 2
9/27 Chap 3 File Management
10/2 Create Flyers Word Chapter 3  Review for Quiz, Chapters 1-3
10/4 ** Quiz 1: Chap 1-3, (Visualizing Technology)**  Creating Workbooks Excel
Chapter 1
VT -Read chapter 4,
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
10/9 ***Columbus Day Holiday, No Classes***
10/11 Chap 4 Hardware
10/16 Insert Summary Functions Excel
Chapter 2
VT -Read chapter 5
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
10/18 Chap 5 System Software VT -Read chapter 6
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
10/23  Manage Multiple Worksheets Excel Chapter 3
10/25 Chap 6 Digital Devices and Multimedia Review for Quiz, Chapters 4-6
10/30  Getting Started
with PowerPoint Chapter 1
11/1   *** Quiz 2: Chap 4-6 (Visualizing Technology)  VT -Read chapter 7
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
11/6  Format a Presentation PowerPoint Chapter 2
11/8 Chap 7 The Internet  VT -Read chapter 8
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
11/13 ***Veterans Day Observed, No Classes***
11/15 Online Security and Privacy Follow Monday Schedule
11/20 Enhance Presentation with Graphics PowerPoint Chapter 3
11/22 Chap 8 Communicating Sharing:The SocialWeb VT -Read chapter 9
End of Chapter Questions in MYITLAB
11/27 ***Linux Live Lab Exercise This is an in class lab***
11/29 Chap 9 Networks and Communication
12/4  Computer Purchasing Project.
12/6 ***Steganography Lab Exercise in class lab*** Work On Presentations  Review for Quiz, Chapters 7-9
12/11 ***Quiz 3: Chap 7-9 (Visualizing Technology) PowerPoint Presentations and Purchasing Project Due

Syllabus Subject to change.


Introduction to Computers is a one semester course which meets four
hours a week. The time is divided between lecture and hands-on
work in the computer laboratory. The laboratory assignments are
designed to familiarize the student with using a personal computer.
The student will have experience using an operating system, a word
processor, a spreadsheet package, and a presentation graphics package.


This computer literacy course provides a comprehensive introduction to
the principles of computers and information processing. Upon
successful completion of this course, the student will gain an
understanding of hardware and software concepts and how they are used in
information systems. The scope of this course includes a
historical background that traces the development of the modern computer
and the place of the computer in society. There is great emphasis
on the operation and terminology of computer systems.

Objectives for the student are given at the start of each chapter.
These objectives will state what is expected of the student and are
designed in terms of student achievement rather than teacher
performance. These objectives are almost entirely in the cognitive
domain and rarely ask the student to manipulate the material extensively
or use the information to predict new answers to a problem.


The grades for this course will be determined as follows:

Hour exams (3) 50   points
Lab Assignments 30   points
Weekly Questions 10   points
Final Project (PPT.) 10   points
Total 100 points


CCRI Grading Policy
A: 93 -100
A-: 90 -92
B+: 87 -89
B:  83 -86
B-: 80 -82
C+: 77 -79
C: 70 -76
D+: 67 – 69
D: 60 – 66
F: Below 60

The instructor reserves the right to raise or lower final grade due to
attendance, class contribution and participation, attitude and/or other
subjective values.

Examination Policy: Three exams will be given. The two highest Exam grades will count towards your average.  There will be no makeup exams.

Homework Policy: Assigned homework is due the following week before class.  Late homework will be penalized 10%. Homework more than
1 week late will not be accepted.

Attendance policy: Students are expected to attend all classes.
Absences in excess of 2 will result in a lowered grade. It is the
student’s responsibility to speak with the instructor about any work
missed due to absence. The student will be allowed a reasonable
time to make up missed work. In most cases this time will be one
week from the date the student returns to class.

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