Online Pedagogy Course

Online Pedagogy Course

This syllabus is intended to provide an overview of course requirements and expectations.  It is subject to change.   Here is the Spring 2014 Syllabus for your reference. Please email me with any questions about upcoming sessions.

Course description

This course prepares faculty for teaching in the online environment. Faculty will practice building components
of an effective dynamic online learning environment, implement and evaluate their own course components, and review other participants’ courses from the perspective of both learners and faculty.

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, faculty will be able to:
  • Build an online course structure that is organized in a way that is easy to navigate, ordered chronologically, for which student tasks are clearly defined and straightforward to complete, and which contains modes of communication, accessing syllabus information, and grades
  • Implement learning outcomes using appropriate online pedagogical techniques
  • Design a plan for instructor presence in an online environment that meets all DLAC recommended best practices and Distance Learning Policy requirements
  • Design an assessment plan that assesses learning outcomes in an online environment and meets best practices for ensuring academic honesty
  • Assess the value of new online teaching and learning technologies
  • Plan for continuing personal enrichment in the emerging fields of online teaching and learning

Faculty should have at least one semester’s experience using Blackboard in an on-campus course, although more is preferred.  This experience should include using communication features such as email, messaging, and the discussion board, the grade center, and experience creating assignments, tests, and content components such as PowerPoint slides, video, or text files.  If you have any questions, please contact me.