Athletic Performance Enhancement

Text: Applied Sport Psychology

Instructor: Kevin S. Salisbury
Office: Athletic Fieldhouse, Flanagan Campus

Office Hours: By appointment (usually in office 45 minutes prior to class)

Class Time: Monday Evenings 4:00-6:00 pm

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Intro article-Bobby Orr

Mental Readiness
Precompetitive Anxiety
Visualization Drills
Self-Image (CH 15)
Concentration (CH 16)
Master and Commander (CH 17)
Referring Athletes to Counseling (CH 19)
NATA Statement on Counseling
Slumps/Burnout (CH 22)
Rebuilding the body
Attributes of Peak Performer
Sport Psychology Books
Power of Habits
Tower of Ten
Why do Fans turn Ugly
101 Coaching Tips


CH Powerpoints
1 Sport Psychology
2 Motor Skill Learning for Effective Coaching and Performance
3 A Positive Approach to Coaching Effectiveness and Performance Enhancement
4 The Motivational Climate
5 The Self-Fullfilling Prophecy Theory:  When Coaches Expectations Become Reality
6 Leadership in Sport
7 The Sport Team as an Effective Group
8 Communicating Effectively
9 Psychological Characteristics of Peak Performance
10 Increasing Awareness for Sport Performance
11 Goal Setting for Peak Performance
12 Understanding and Managing Stress
13 Understanding and Using Imagery in Sport
14 Cognitive Techniques for Building Confidence and Enhancing Performance
15 Concentration and Strategies for Controlling It
16 Integrating and Implementing a Psychological Skills Training Program
17 Conducting Evidence Based Coach-Training Programs:  A Social Cognitive Approach
18 Gender, Diversity, and Cultural Competence
19 When to Refer Athletes for Counseling or Psychotherapy
20 Drug Abuse in Sport: Causes and Cures
21 Athlete Burnout
22 Injury Risk and Rehabilitation:  Psychological Considerations
23 Career Transition among Athletes:  Is There Life after Sports?
24 Exercise Psychology



Sport Law

Athletic Insight (articles)

Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology


Path Analysis of Self Esteem – Kevin S. Salisbury

Mental Toughness #1
Mental Toughness #2
What Is Mental Toughness

Depression in Athletes