Mar 05 2016

Project Management Software Reviews 2016


easyprojects.netProject management software can aid your company in so many ways and be the organization tool you have been missing. Easy Projects is the clear winner in our book among the 20 useful project management software options we reviewed, with its easy integration, guest portal, and amazing customization options.

Best Project Management Software for Students

teamworkComTeamwork eliminates all of the frustrations of working in group projects by allowing students to communicate smoothly with shared information and messages. They can integrate with Google Drive, which is already popularly used amongst students. Pricing for this software is based on the number of projects and storage desired versus the number of users, reducing the cost for students and making this the best choice.


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Dec 10 2015

Setting Parental Controls

Dec 10 2015

Spotting Spam & Email Fraud

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Learn the Windows 8 File Manager Part 1 of 6

Published on Mar 31, 2014

Sep 07 2015

About OneDrive

OneDrive logo

Store up to 25 GB of data in the cloud – free to CCRI students!

OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive is a clouded-based storage system that lets CCRI students store, share and organize files, photos and favorites on Windows servers, and access them from any computer with an Internet connection. You’re automatically logged into OneDrive when you access your MyCCRI student email.  Move, copy, delete, rename or caption your photos and files after you upload them.

  • Organize your files in top-level folders and sub folders that you create.
  • Easily share your files with your friends. Share your photos as slideshows with thumbnail images.
  • Control who can see your files by assigning access permissions (personal, shared or public) to any of your top-level folders.
  • Collaborate on documents. Combine OneDrive with Groups to create a shared document workspace.

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