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Intro to Web Development

WordPress logoCOMI 1771-124
CRN#: 22268

Introduction to Website Development
Using WordPress

This module familiarizes students with creating a multilevel website using the WordPress content management system. Each student designs and creates a website including pages and posts. They will learn to upload and embed media and export an importable back-up of their site. 1 credit.

Class meets once a week for 5 weeks. Each class is comprised of 3 lecture/hands-on hours plus one lab hour.

Runs Tuesday, May 19 through Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 5:00 to 9:00 pm

Knight Campus, Warwick. Room 2108  (next to the Academic Computing Lab).

Helpful CSS Links

Books W3.org W3Schools.com CSS Directories Videos Guides & Tutorials Browser Add-ons/Extensions Books (Links got to Amazon.com) CSS3 HTML5 WordPress Web Design Information Architecture W3.org Cascading Style Sheets home page Validate CSS and (X)HTML documents with style sheets W3Schools.com Introduction to CSS CSS Syntax CSS Reference CSS Tutorial CSS Directories CBEL Style Sheets – Extensive directory …

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Syllabus Summer 2015

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