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Dec 10 2015

Spotting Spam & Email Fraud

Dec 04 2014

Best Online Password Manager Reviews

By Randall Sutherland Why Online Password Managers? Although we call them “passwords,” the safest passwords should not contain any dictionary words from any language. Hackers buy dictionaries with all of the words from every culture on the planet to help them crack easy passwords. It does not help at all to add a number or …

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Nov 13 2014

Inside The Dark Web – Documentary

Published on Sep 5, 2014 Twenty-five years after the World Wide Web was created, the issue of surveillance has become the greatest controversy of its existence. With many concerned that governments and corporations can monitor people’s every move, this programme meets hackers and scientists who are using technology to fight back, as well as the …

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Nov 08 2014

Internet Social Networking Risks

From the FBI: Internet-based social networking sites have created a revolution in social connectivity. However, con artists, criminals, and other dishonest actors are exploiting this capability for nefarious purposes. There are primarily two tactics used to exploit online social networks. In practice, they are often combined. 1. Computer savvy hackers who specialize in writing …

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Nov 08 2014

10 Things Your Students Should Know About Their Digital Footprints

The dangers of sharing personal information online. By: Digital Media in the Classroom A highly respected education advocate, Kevin Honeycutt, once asked me if any of us from our generation (GenX and before), had ever made a mistake in puberty. He then asked if our mistakes are “Googleable.” The reality is that our mistakes from …

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