Homeland Security Certificate Sequence of Courses


Homeland Security Certificate

Students may complete the program in as little as 18 months. The core introduction course will be offered in the spring and the fall allowing students to start the program in either semester. Additional core and track courses are offered in both semesters to accommodate students wishing to fast track towards completion. Online availability is offered currently in the Cyber Security track.

Proposed Sequence of Courses

  • HMLS 1000 Introduction to Homeland Security (Spring and Fall)
  • HMLS 1050 Intelligence Analysis and Security Management (Spring)
  • HMLS 1100 Border and Transportation Security (Fall)

Emergency Management Track

  • EMER 1010 Understanding and Responding to Terrorism (Spring)
  • EMER 1020 Bioterrorism and Public Health Emergencies (Fall)
  • EMER 1040 Managing the Psychological Impact of Terrorism and ¬†Disasters (Fall)

Law Enforcement Track

  • LAWS 1000 Introduction to Law Enforcement (Spring and Fall)
  • LAWS 1010 Criminal Law (Spring and Fall)
  • LAWS 1020 Criminal Procedures (Fall)

Cyber Security Track

  • COMI 2035 Introduction to Computer Forensics ¬†( DL web , Spring and Fall)
  • COMI 2036 Introduction to Computer Ethics (DL web, Spring and Fall
  • COMI 2037 Introduction to Cyber-Security (DL web, Spring and Fall)
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