General Psychology (online)

I teach an on-line version of  Psych 2010 – General Psychology each semester.  Like the on-campus sections, this course introduces you to the exciting world of Psychology.

The Distance Learning experience can be extremely rewarding and the majority of students are very successful.  It is however, very different from the traditional face to face learning experience.  You will have extraordinary flexibility to log in and complete the work when most convenient for you.  This is without a doubt appealing.  How frequently you log in, how actively you participate, and how much effort you put into the course will determine your level of success.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to structure and monitor your time so as to be efficient, conscientious, and successful.

The course is delivered through CCRI’s learning management system, Blackboard.  You must first be registered in a course to have access to  Blackboard.   Please see the Syllabus for a general overview of what the course entails.

 Note that this course requires 3 on-campus proctored exams.

Please check the Distance Learning for Students website for information about the distance learning program at CCRI, including current course listings, hardware and software requirements, and an online orientation