Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 Semester Chemistry Courses

Emanuel TerezakisEmanuel G. Terezakis, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Tel: 401-333-7140 E-Mail: eterezakis@ccri.edu Office: Room 1365, Flanagan Campus 1762 Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, RI 02865

Click on the links below to access information for Professor Terezakis’s Spring 2016 and Fall 2106 Flanagan Campus chemistry courses. 

Spring 2016 CHEM-1020-151, Basic Skills for Chemistry

Spring 2016 CHEM-1030-150 & 151, General Chemistry I

Spring 2016 CHEM-1030-204 Evening General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments

Fall 2016 CHEM-1020-150, Basic Skills for Chemistry

Fall 2016 CHEM-1030-150, General Chemistry I

 Fall 2016 CHEM-1180-150, Health Science Chemistry I 

Fall 2016 CHEM-1030-204 Evening General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments

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