Compensatory Writing Skills

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“This writing course is designed for students who need to learn and/or review the paragraph form and basic sentence skills (parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, and forming sentences). By writing paragraphs, students will demonstrate their ability to plan, organize, and express their ideas effectively and in grammatically correct sentences. This course earns 3 in-house credits, not for graduation (Prerequisite, English placement exam). Lecture: 3 hours” (CCRI Course Catalog). This course is a prerequisite for ENGLISH 1005 – College Writing.

COURSE OBJECTIVES In this course, you will practice and develop the following writing skills:

  • determine the purpose and audience for a paragraph
  • choose an appropriate topic
  • support topic sentence with relevant details.
  • generate relevant details for the topic through a variety of methods.
  • employ the necessary tools to create a paragraph that shows unity, adequate support, and coherence
  • organize ideas throughout the entire writing process
  • employ transitions and applies essential grammar skills to accurately express ideas
  • demonstrate understanding that a well written paragraph exhibits all the principles of effective writing
  • apply basic computer skills and navigate related technology and resources
  • provide appropriate peer criticism
  • improve compositions by evaluating, editing, and revising


The following materials should be brought to each class:

  • Text: Evergreen: A Guide to Writing with Reading. Ninth Edition with Handbook, 2010 by Susan Fawcett. Please note: The textbook should be purchased new. You will be completing many practice exercises in the text, so it must be a new, clean copy.
  • dictionary
  • paper, pens, pencils, and a highlighter
  • thesaurus (optional)

Regular attendance is essential for success in the Compensatory Writing Skills Class. The English Department attendance policy dictates a maximum of six excused or unexcused absences for a class that meets three times a week. The policy also states that two late arrivals equal 1-1/2 absences. After four absences, the final grade will be reduced at the instructor’s discretion. After six absences you should officially withdraw or a final grade of “F” will be given.



Your final grade will be based on several forms of assessment which are listed below:

Paragraph Writing Assignments                               50%

Reading Responses                                                  20%

Tests on grammar, usage, and mechanics                20%

Final Exam                                                               10%