Composition 1

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“Composition I is recommended for all first-year students and required for any depending
on curriculum. The purpose of this course is to enable students to write fluent, accurate,
and effective essays, including research and documentation assignments. (Prerequisite:

English placement exam or at least a C in ENGL 1005). Lecture: 3 hours” (CCRI Course Catalog).


In this course, you will practice and develop the following writing skills:

  1. apply writing process and principles to a variety of assignments
  2. differentiate among inadequate, adequate, and superior presentation of ideas
  3. produce essays indicative of careful consideration of the topic
  4. write confident and flowing prose
  5. incorporate stylistic elements to aid and enhance communication
  6. synthesize material
  7. analyze and respond to several types of information
  8. evaluate peer writing and determine revision possibilities
  9. research a topic using valid resources, research methods, and principles

10.  produce a six- to eight-page research paper

11.  use information technology in research and writing

12.  integrate researched or quoted material with your thoughts in written work

13.  use MLA documentation and format



The following materials should be brought to each class:

  • Text:
  • dictionary
  • paper, pens, pencils, and a highlighter


Regular attendance is essential for success in the Compensatory Writing Skills Class. The English Department attendance policy dictates a maximum of six excused or unexcused absences for a class that meets three times a week. The policy also states that two late arrivals equal 1-1/2 absences. After four absences, the final grade will be reduced at the instructor’s discretion. After six absences you should officially withdraw or a final grade of “F” will be given.


Your final grade will be based on several forms of assessment which are listed below:

  • Five to seven essays at least 500 words in various expository forms
  • One six- to eight-page research paper
  • Reading assignments from the text and written and/or oral responses
  • Other writing assignments such as summaries, drafts, response papers, etc.
  • In-class writing, including revisions
  • Grammar exercises
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