Elementary Algebra (Math 0600)

MATH 0600

For students who meet the following prerequisites:

  • Completed undergraduate level  MATH 0500 with a minimum Grade of C* or
  • Math Placement Grid (Accu) 2

This course in basic algebra introduces the real number system, properties for solving linear equations and inequalities, formula rearrangement, properties of and operations with polynomials, basic factoring, quadratic equations, operations with rational expressions, roots and radicals, graphs of linear equations and the Pythagorean Theorem.

On-line material that corresponds to your textbook is available at: Pearson Companion Website
You will need the course ID (provided on the 1st day of class) and the zip code (02886) as well as the “MY LAB ACCESS KIT” which includes an access code, and a user’s guide for registering online.  This kit is free with the purchase of a new textbook, or may be purchased separately if you have a used textbook or have borrowed a book.