Math 1200 – Lecture Info to Read

Required Materials:

Textbook: The required textbook for the course is given below and is available at the Flanagan, Knight, Liston, and Newport campuses and may be available through the CCRI online Bookstore or through other private vendors.

Caution: When purchasing a used textbook or if purchasing a textbook through a private vendor, you may need to separately purchase an unused student access code to MyMathLab is you want to view any of the content onlilne in MyMathLab – including section videos and sample tests.

Intermediate Algebra 7th Edition, Elayn Martin-Gay author, Pearson Publishing..


Suggested: a loose-leaf binder to hold class handouts and graded assignments


textbook image for 7th editionCaution: The textbook cover may not look exactly like the one pictured on this site. Check the labeling on the bookstore shelf.

Links to Syllabus:

Course Description:

Math 1200 – CollegeAlgebra (3 credits in-house) This course in designed for students who plan to eventually study Quantitative Business Analysis or Calculus.  The course covers functions and graphs, systems of equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, polynomial and rational expressions, radical, exponential, and logarithmic forms.  (Prerequisite: Math 0600 or an appropriate score on the Accuplacer test.  This course is not recommended for those who receive a grade below “B” in Math 0600.)

Course Objectives:

Click HERE to get a list of objectives for this course.

Course Outcomes:

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The following scheme will be used to determine your final grade in this course.  The point value of individual components will be specified on your course syllabus.

Nightly Textbook Homework: While doing the nightly textbook homework will not earn you points toward your final grade in this course, it is expected that you will make an attempt to at least “sample” the problems from each section. This will check that you truly understand the concepts that were taught during the lecture. It also verify that my presentation was clear. If there are any misconceptions or confusing points that I did not anticipate in my lecture, I will have a second opportunity to address them the next class when I check to see if you have any questions on the assigned textbook homework.

Quizzes:The will be 8 quizzes during the semester and each one will be worth 25 points. The dates of all quizzes will be announced ahead of time. Your syllabus contains the tentative schedule.One or Two classes before the scheduled quiz I will tell you what sections of the textbook will be included on it so you can study more effectively. I will make every attempt to return the graded quizzes to you during the following class meeting. Once a copy of the quiz is out, no make-ups will be given.At the end of the semester, my electronic grade book will automatically drop your lowest quiz grade and replace it with the average of your other quiz grades.

Graded Homework Assignments:Homework will be assigned for each section of the textbook covered. These assignments will be located in MyMathLab and the student is expected to complete them on their own time. If you do not own your own computer, you can access MyMathLab on campus in the Academic Computer Lab during hours when that Lab is operating.

The Hourly Tests:There will be 4 hourly tests during the semester and each one will count for 100 points. One week prior to each scheduled exam you will receive a list of objectives indicating in detail the types of problems you might be asked to solve on the actual exam. I will also leave a Sample Test available for you to try in MyMathLab. The Sample Test will be created in “Homework” rather than “Test” mode so the help features will be available to you on the right hand side of the screen as you are completing each problem. I will make every effort to return the graded exams to you during the following class meeting. Once a copy of a test is out, no make-ups will be given.Should you do poorly on an exam, you will have an opportunity on the final to demonstrate your proficiency with the material. The final exam will be divided into sections representing the material covered on each of the hourly tests. If you do better on a section of the final than you did on the corresponding hourly test, your grade on the hourly test will be replaced with your grade from that section of the final.

The Final Exam:Except for the optional make-up sections included on it, the final exam is really merely a 5th hourly test. In theory, since mathematics is cumulative, you would not be able to do well on the 5th test if you did not already have an understanding of the material that was covered on the other 4 exams.

Total:  During the semester, keep a record of your grades as the graded papers are returned to you. If at any point during the semester you want to determine your grade in the course you can divide the total number of points you have earned by the total number of points you could have earned had you gotten a 100 on every test and a 25 on every quiz and graded homework that has been given up to that point.

Grading Policy:

The Mathematics Department has not adopted an official Grading Policy. The following chart indicates how I will assign final grades in this course.

Grade      Range

A         95-100

A-       90-94

B+      87-89

B         83-86

B-        80-82

C+       77-79

C         70-76

D+       67-69

D         60-66

F         <60

Need Help?

I can be available for office hours nearly every morning and several evenings during the week if you need help with the course material. You can contact me to set up an office hour by e-mailing me through the MyCCRI e-mail feature ( ) or by calling me at: 401-825-2467.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.