What I Expect of You

  • I expect you to get to class osn time and to commit your full attention to learning while you are in class.
  • I expect you to have looked over the reading assignment prior to coming to class so you can be partially familiar with the terminology, notation, and concepts we will be covering that day.
  • I expect you to ask questions when you do dnot understand something that is said or taught.
  • I expect you to treat your fellow classmates and me with respect and courtesy.
  • You are expected to stay current with the mateiral being covered during this course.  If you are in a lecture section and you miss a class, you are expe
  • (This note pertains to lecture students)  While I know you lead busy lives and wil probably not have tie time to dao all the problems assigned at the end of each section, I so expect you to find the time to “sample” each assignment on a nightly basis.  math is not a spsectator sport.  A problem sometimes look much easier to solve than it actually is.  Until you experience some of the solution pitfalls yourself, you are merely surface learning the material.
  • (This note pertains to lecture students)  I expect you to notify me by e-mail when you have missed a class.  Your e-mail should include your name, course, and section and request what materials and handouts you missed for the specific day you were abscent.