Classroom Etiquette

It is expected that when you come into my classroom, you will treat your fellow classmates and me with the respect and courtesy we deserve.  You should allow others to ask questions even when those questions seem unimportant to you.  In a learning environment, everyone needs to feel unthreatened and comfortable to ask questions.  The reason we are there is to learn and what better way to learn than to ask questions.
I also expect that when you come to class you will not exhibit distuptive behaviors.  Below, I have listed some of the more disruptive classroom behaviors I encounter.  They not only interfere with the learning of the students around you but distract me from when I am teaching in front of the class.

  • Entering the classroom after class has begun,
  • Excessive pencil sharpening,
  • Talking with your friends,
  • Taking or making cell phone calls during class,
  • Texting during class,
  • Reading non-course material during class,
  • Frequent exits from the classroom for personal reasons. 
  • Remember, each exit requires you to re-enter the classroom and that is disruptive.
  • Being plugged into an MP3 player
  • Leaving class early without prior notification.

You may be engaging in some of these behaviors and not even be aware of how distracting they can be to others.