Jun 28 2014

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Windows Live Writer

live-writerMake editing your Faculty web easier and faster

Adapted from ” 8 Desktop Blog Editors To Make Your Blogging Faster” by David Risley

Did you know that there are programs you can run on your computer to post to your faculty web? You don’t really HAVE to use the WordPress post interface.

Why use a blog editing program over the built-in WordPress editor?

There are several reasons, really.

  1. You don’t have to be online to work on blog posts. You can write posts and draft them locally, then draft/publish to your blog whenever you’re online. Please Note: You still need to login to a VPN session before publishing from off-campus.
  2. The interface is generally much easier to use.
  3. Usually you have some really nice formatting options available to you that you won’t have from the web interface.
  4. You have a local backup of your posts.
  5. You can manage multiple blogs from the same place.

Learn more about Windows Live Writer

Download Windows Essentials suite (includes Live Writer)

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