Aug 14 2012

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An Important Note About Editing Access

important note

For those editing their sites using FrontPage or WordPress

  • On-Campus editing requires a wired connection
  • Off-Campus editing requires VPN connection.

When on-campus, you will need to have a wired connection to the campus network in order to login and edit your WordPress faculty Web. You will not be able to login to your WordPress faculty web, while on campus, using a CCRI wireless connection.
When off-campus, you will need to login to a VPN session before logging into your WordPress site.  Everything you need to know about VPN, plus the software download, is here: http://www.ccri.edu/it/network/vpn/

Check-out our new tutorial: “SSL VPN Client Installation Instructions“. (Mac version here.)

For further assistance, please call or e-mail the Help Desk: 401-825-1112 or helpdesk@ccri.edu

Please note: anyone using the OmniUpdate Content Management System to host their site does not have to take any of the above measures and may edit their site using any device –even their smartphone. [Learn more about OU Faculty Webs]


Please use your CCRI email address when posting comments on this or any other page in this site.  We will not respond to posts from individuals outside the CCRI community.

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  1. Gielda

    It is a little complicated, I mean VPN session.

    1. Jim Kirby

      If you mean the VPN installation procedure, I agree. We need to make the instructions more user-friendly. I’ll put a notice on this site when we get that modified. Thanks for the input.

    2. Jim Kirby

      Check-out our new tutorial: “SSL VPN Client Installation Instructions”: http://www.ccri.edu/it/webservices/tutorials/vpn-client-install.html

  2. alex

    I don’t really understand why it’s necessary to login through a vpn connection before I can login to my wordpress site. Isn’t just SSL secure enough?

  3. Jim Kirby

    No, I’m sorry, there isn’t an easier tutorial. You might try calling the help desk (401-825-1112) and ask them to walk you through setting up you VPN at home.

  4. Jim Kirby

    For security…it’s extremely important to protect the college’s network.

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