Jan 18 2011

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WordPress LogoWelcome to the CCRI Faculty Web

The CCRI faculty Web is currently powered by a WordPress back-end. We are adopting the use of this web-based editing and publishing tool as an alternative to our previous (1998-2011) faculty Web publishing method which relies on FrontPage Server Extensions -a legacy technology which is no longer supported by Microsoft.

For faculty with existing Web sites

If you currently have a site on the ‘faculty.ccri.edu’ (FrontPage) domain, we encourage you to migrate your site to the new OmniUpdate faculty Web.  Please view this tutorial to get started.

For faculty who do not have a Web site

If you do not currently have a faculty Web site and would like to initiate one, please view this tutorial to get started.

An Important Note About Editing Access

For those using the WordPress or FrontPage sites

When on-campus, you will need to have a wired connection to the campus network in order to login and edit your WordPress faculty Web. You will not be able to login to your WordPress faculty web, while on campus, using a CCRI wireless connection.

When off-campus, you will need to login to a VPN session before logging into your WordPress site.  Everything you need to know about VPN, plus the software download, is here: http://www.ccri.edu/it/network/vpn-overview.html [View “SSL VPN Client Installation Instructions” tutorial]

OmniUpdateFor those using the OmniUpate content management system

  • You’ll need an Internet connection
  • You may edit your site without logging into a VPN session.
  • You may edit using any modern browser, but Chrome or Firefox are preferred.
  • You may edit your site on ANY device, including a smartphone.


Thank you for helping us develop these faculty web alternatives.

IT Web Services

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